To make a sign order

send us an email, fax or letter including the following:

The size and color sign plates for this order (see Descriptions Page).


Specify if rounded corners desired ($1.00 per sign additional).

The number of signs on this order.

A listing in columns of what you want on the signs, such as

Upper Line: (Genus and species)
Please indicate if you would like italics or regular block letters.

Middle Line: (Common Name)

Lower Left Corner: (Plant Family, or Date/Size at planting)

Lower Right Corner: (Country of Origin)

Please indicate relative font sizes and styles desired for each line (i.e., "largest font", "standard font", etc. Also, if you want any words in all capitals, then type only those words in all capital letters.)

See the Prices Page for prices and shipping/handling charges. See bottom of this page for payment options and how to send payment.

Typically orders are shipped within 2 weeks or sooner.


If placing an order by email, please call if you have not received confirmation within a day.

Important:  List the appropriate information in the columns for the signs you wish to order. Please include a sketch of a typical layout indicating the relative size of the different lines and whether italics are desired. Please note that very long names will have to be either condensed (crammed together), or changed to two lines to be readable. All signs may have either three or four lines. Ten words are included (additional words are $.25 each, per sign).

For orders outside the United States, you may wish to consider ordering the engraved plates only and arrange for the stakes to be manufactured and attached locally (we can provide detailed instructions). This is because of the heavy, bulky nature of the completed signs mounted on stakes. Our stakes weigh 1/2 pound each and can be shipped separately if desired. Please inquire. Please deduct $.90 per sign if ordering engraved plates only.


To order a free sample 2" x 4" plate
(a sign without a stake), send us the following:

1. Your name & address.


2. The color sign plate you would like a sample of.


3. The text you want on the sign, such as scientific name, common name, family and country of origin of the plant you would like engraved on the sign.

If you send your request by email and do not receive a response within a few days, give us a call. After you have sent the above information, we will make up your sample sign plate and send it to the address you have indicated above.

We accept payment by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.


If paying by Pay Pal make sure we have your email address and we will have Pay Pal send you an invoice.

To pay by credit card, please call with your account number, name on card, expiration date and security code, card billing address, along with the total amount of your order. Your credit card information may be faxed or emailed to us if you wish (see below for number). When ordering by email or fax, please ask for a return email or fax confirming receipt of the order.

Purchase orders accepted.

Send check, money order or credit card
information with your
order to :

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