Our signs are used for permanently identifying plants and are
suitable for heavy-duty, commercial outdoor use by botanical
gardens, zoos, colleges, private growers/collectors, nurseries, resorts,
amusement parks, golf courses, public parks, malls, etc.

Our plant identification signs are available in the following sizes:

2"x4", 3"x4", 3"x5", 3"x6", 4"x5", 4"x6", 4"x7", 4"x8", 5"x7", 6"x8", 5"x10" and 8"x10". No minimum order for sign sizes in stock. Sizes other than these may be special ordered, with the prices being the same as the next larger standard size (minimum order 100 signs for other sizes). Various rounded corners available at extra cost. Click here to see the different size rounded corners we offer.

Our signs are permanently attached using special outdoor-rated U-V resistant epoxy, to galvanized steel stakes for inserting in the ground. As an alternate choice, we offer a v-style stake with a metal plate at the top with flanges to hold the sign in. The stakes have a 135° bend at the top. Sign plates may be ordered without stakes, and may have holes drilled to customer's specification if desired. Shorter or longer length stakes may be ordered. Galvanized steel stakes are far superior to aluminum stakes which corrode away in a few years.  Please note that the bend at the top of all stakes is part of the stake length shown!

Signs are made of heavy-duty 1/8" thick laminated UV and weather resistant plastic material.

Colors available are: Black textured surface with White letters, White textured surface with Black letters, Forest Green glossy surface with White letters, and Apple Green matte surface with White letters, and matte Red with White letters. About 60% of our customers order black signs with white text, 20% order forest green signs with white text, 10% order white signs with black text, and 10% order apple green signs with white text. As to the use of italics for the scientific names, about half order their signs with italics and half prefer non-italicized text, as a matter of personal preference. Red signs with white letters (matte surface) are available.

For security, stakes may be set in concrete. Our signs have no unsightly bolts, screws, pop-rivets, or flimsy two-sided tape. Because of the wide variation in tree trunk sizes, texture, etc., we do not sell screws and/or springs for mounting signs without stakes on trees. These materials are best obtained locally and will vary considerably depending on your application.

Signs are engraved to your specifications with your text on our computerized engraving machine, using the layout you desire. Common items included on signs are genus, species, common name, family and country of origin, or code number referenced to your brochure. Fonts are scalable and text may be italicized where desired.

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